Thursday, 29 January 2015

Girls on Tiptoes

When I went to pick up Edith form nursery the other day, one of her key workers asked if she was enrolled in a ballet class. I wish I could have said yes as I've been meaning to sign her up for one, but wasn't sure if she was ready. Her key worker explained that while the other girls were dancing silly, Edith was practising her ballerina moves. This truly impressed me and has no motivated me to start looking for a ballet class for her. As I was inspired by her interest in ballet I stumble across the adorable Polish brand, Girls on Tiptoes. Quite appropriate I think. It's the perfect brand for all those inspiring and no-so inspiring little ladies out there. 

kelly xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday's Finds

I've been searching the internet for some inspiration on a project I've been working on. Let me just say this is very dangerous, well for me at least, because you find such great things that you of course, did not intend to buy. But as I am trying to be good, fingers crossed, I'll just keep on using it for inspiration. All I know is I am dying to buy the black and white striped jacket by Neighbourhood One Third. Not sure Edith would even were it, I just want it to hang in her closest! And the MM6 black dress with the flower print, are you kidding me! Too die for. I could totally see myself wearing this dress with some trainers! It's going on the wish list. I hope you have a bright and sunny Wednesday!

kelly xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mama Finds

I thought working at a womenswear agency that represents fair-trade sustainable clothing would decrease my habit of shopping, well unfortunately it hasn't! The lovely girls I work with are just as obsessed as I am and we basically feed off each other. It doesn't help that we are constantly on pinterest looking for inspiration for new lines. Yes, I must admit I am addicted to clothing/shopping!!!!! Ahh, but I just love putting outfits together it's just so satisfying. Therapy? Maybe, but you have to want to shop shopping right? In the meantime, here are some of my mama finds. And maybe some I already have:) Enjoy!

Outfit 1:
Outfit 2:

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

It's Zebra Time!

Gardner and the Gang has literally blown my socks off this season with their astonishing new prints. Just when I thought the prints couldn't get any better than those awesome hippos last season, Kristen does it again, grabbing our attention with cool zebras, weiner dogs and lightning blots. It's seriously the collection to be eyeing up this season. 

Gardner and the Gang is designed by Kristen Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore. Each season she creates fun characters which tell a story through her clothing. Past seasons have included: Love Skull and Helmet the Flamingo, Urban and Conrad the Camel, Tobias the Loco Toucan and his gym junkie buddy Leo the Lion, Johhny the Punk and Patrick the Punk Rocker, Hilda the Hippie Hippo and Richie the Racoon and this season, we'll just have to wait and find out!!!!

The new Spring/Summer 2015 Collection sits store soon! Keep your eyes open!

kelly xx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bang Bang!!!!

Bang Bang Copenhagen is starting this season off with a BANG! Staying true to their signature look, this season brings us horse print tees, fridge trousers, striped dresses, bows galore and amazing pillows!!!! Each season they fill our wardrobes with unique geometric shape silhouettes and vibrant colours. And now you can fill your house with brilliant geometric shape pillows! It's a collection worth seeing!

Have a look:

kelly xx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Monsters Attack! It's Loud Apparel

What do you get when you cross great design and cool forward thinking clothing???? Yes of course, Loud Apparel!!!!!

Loud Apparel presents, Monster's Attack, a two-toned collection full of geometric shapes embodied into bold graphics. Each garment is crafted to push the limits of what Loud Apparel aims for each child, to have forward thinking, non-coventional clothing that is wearable. This season stays true to their signature look but adds just a touch of mustard yellow to spice things up a bit. Now with a baby collection, children of all ages can enjoy the Monster's Attack collection! 

I'm looking forward to this collection! 
Loud Apparel will be at Dot to Dot in January so go and see them!!!!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Sales, Sales Sales!!!!

There have been so crazy good sales lately and I have taken part in these crazy sales. I figure why not stock up on bigger sizes when the prices are so good. I know all the Spring/Summer 15 Collections are on everybody's mind, mine too but I decided to slow it down this season and not join in on all the hype. Yes I may miss out on a few bits but that's ok for me. I'm pretty satisfied with my sale finds!

Here are my sale purchases:


xx Kelly

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