My Review of Dot to Dot SS18

Dot to Dot London SS18

The sun was shining, the weather superb, what a great day it was to head on over to the Dot to Dot London Tradeshow. I thought I would do a quick run through to check out all the great brands, say hello to a few people, take some photos and then dash. What was I thinking? I always get talking to everyone and end up staying for hours, but let me assure you, they were hours well spent. 

Yes you are probably thinking, you have your own brand why would you go and want to chat to other people about their brands, well because I am a true believer in supporting your mama/dad/designer friends! The kidswear industry is still quite small here in London, yes it's bomming but it's so important to support your friends! I still love blogging about all the great brands out there. I also love interviewing new brands for our chit chat Friday too.

It was so nice chatting up with old friends and seeing their brands grow from season to season. It makes me super proud!

Here are some of the brands I chatted to for a bit. Several others I didn't even get photos of because my phone died. I know what you are thinking, why didn't I bring back-up, I know, it's silly. 

One of my favourite brands at the moment is Knit Planet! London duo Micky and Nicky wanted to design affordable organic cotton, bamboo fire and merino wool knits for kids. Their knits are beautifully designed and the colour palettes are always fun and kid approved. They now offer a small selection in adult sizes now too. You know what that means, Edith and I will be twinning!

I was really happy to see Bang Bang Copenhagen there which you can find at many retailers throughout London. Their collection are always consist of amazing silhouettes, fun patterns and a big of colour. Edith loves Bang Bang!

Bang Bang Copenhagen Dot to Dot

Bang Bang Copenhagen

Etta Loves 

I met Jen founder of Etta Loves at the Leyton Pop-Up event last year. I fell in love with her unique prints. The special thing about these muslins is they have been designed with input from an early years visual expert, to ensure that they stimulate babies' visual and cognitive development. How cool is that? 

When you work a tradeshow you become friends with those around you. I met Emma owner of Turtledove London at Dot to Dot a few seasons ago. Her brand has just really taken off. Turtledove is a 100% organic cotton brand for kids 0-5 years. Her collections consist of a monochrome palette which I love! She's added some lovely prints for the new season! Such a shame Edith is too big for them now :( If you have a little one, please check them out! 


I had a lovely chat with Carmit from The Feather Kids. Carmit is an agent for several very stylish brands. If you looking for some great brands contact her! She represents POPUPSHOP, one of my all time favourite brands. Bak in the day when I had my own online kidswear shop we use to stock POPUPSHOP. Edith was dressed head to toe in them some day. She still wears them to this day. 


Mini Stitches 

I met the founder of Mini Stitches, Kelly, at the same pop-up I met Jen from Etta Loves. Mini Stitches is the result of a charity called Stitches in Time, which works with local women and teaches them valuable skills to get them back into work and also teaches them how to sew to a very high standard. This high standard can be seen all throughout the collection. Check out both Mini Stitches and Stitches in Time. 


It was so lovely chatting with Julia from JAM London. I met Julia on Facebook actually, I had put out a request for some business advice and she was so kind to meet up with me and share her knowledge. Jam London's main focus is beautiful classic style knitwear. Knitwear that you would see at a lovely tea party or a christening. Very beautiful indeed. 


I had a lovely lovely chat with Jadwiga from Cribstar. We were next to each other at the Dot to Dot Christmas Fair last year and had a grand ole time. Jadwiga designs minimalist clothing for kids 0-6 years. Her range is stylish and super easy to wear and affordable! Check her out!

There were so many other brands I didn't get a chance to chat with or did very briefly. I mean I could go on and on about all the amazing brands! 

Word of advice support your UK brands! It's worth it!

kelly xx

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Mama Edit: A Good Pair of Trousers

trousers girlstalktoboys

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect trousers. It's crazy how hard it can be. I'm basically after a pair of old man trousers. I'm not sure why I'm still shopping in the women's section because I think mens trousers suit me better. 

I am finding out that its necessary to spend a bit more on a pair of really good  trousers. The quality seems to be way better and the fit, yes the fit is usually spot on. What I don't understand is why we feel we have to have loads and loads of ill fitted trousers when we could have a few really great fitted trousers. Yes this might mean you'll have to stop buying your cheap trousers for a few months in order to buy a really nice pair, but I promise you it will be worth it. 

Buy less, but spend a bit more on quality. It makes a difference! I understand that most of us don't have a load of disposable cash but it's funny how we  find ourselves back in Topshop or wherever buying some shirt that we don't need or not sure we truly love. 

Anyways, I'll get off my high horse now. Here are a few trousers I'm totally digging right now. The trousers I have listed below are beautifully made, versatile, and seem comfortable and stylish. I hope you enjoy my selection. 

kelly xx


Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoiselles Gyspy Wide Leg Trouser

ace & jig

Ace & Jig Dancin Trouser

Toast Indigo Twill ALix Trouser

Hope Was Trouser

Ilana Kohn Boyd Trouser

Hope Master Trouser

girlstalktoboys keno trouser

girlstalktoboys Kenzo Trouser

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5 Must-Have Summer Sandals


  1. Sigerson Morrison Adria Leather Sandals
  2. Joseph Calf Leather Buckle Sandals
  3. & Other Stories Wide Strap Sandals
  4. Celiac Lucilla White Pearl Flat Crack Sandals
  5. & Other Stories Elastic Strap Sandals

Summer, well it was here and now it seems to have gone. Hopefully it will find it's way back to us sooner than later. Those warm sunny days spoiled me and jump started my search for a new pair sandals for the summer holidays. During my search I came across 5 must-have sandals that you need right now, like the beautiful Joseph sandals. I cannot wait to rock these beauties. And if I had the cash Celiac's White Pearl Flats are just stunning!!!! Now that I've found some absolute stunners I just need a few new dresses to compliment them :)

Happy Summer Sandal Shopping!!!

kelly xx

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I'm not one to hold on to things for very long unless it's super special, I get bored, like really bored. I like change, always have, whether its a major move or cutting my hair (it's usually cutting my hair), I like to spice things up. My husband is completely opposite to me, he's happy just doing what he's been doing, he doesn't mind the familiarity of his everyday life. I admire this in him, maybe that's why he's good for me, he balances me out and puts up with my constant need to be on the go or looking for something to change. 

I do believe that one day I won't be so eager to have a constant chain of change, but I think for me it's finding that place called home, that feeling of, wow I feel happy just as things are for now. I can't say I have every felt this. Maybe it's my constant search for contentment or my missing home or my strive for perfection. 

I don't see change as a bad thing, I think it can be good for all of us to let go of the old and bring in the new. Change can put our lives into perspective, it can bring new opportunities, new friends, and a breathe of fresh air. 

For now I will just be changing my hair, but I hope in the light of everything that is going on around us, especially here in London, we can all have a change for the good, a change in our hearts, a change to love and except others differences. 

I'm ready to start loving and talking and sharing my experiences with those around me. I long for more intimate friendships and not just the instagram ones (even though I've met some amazing people through instagram), I'm ready to actually go get that coffee and sit face to face with another human being and just talk and share our experiences. We can all learn so much from each other. We can support each other, we can collaborate and be each others sound boards. 

So here's to change for the good and not just a good haircut:)

kelly x

here are some inspiration photos for my haircut today:)

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Babyccino Spring Shop Up

Edith and I ventured over to the first Spring Babyccino Kids Shop Up a few weekends ago. It was nice to see a Spring version of the normally Christmas Shop Up. I was also happy to see them pop up in East London. In the past the shop up had been located either in Primrose Hill or Chelsea, but seeing the crowd that gathered at the Old Truman Brewery, I wouldn't be surprised if they do it again!

It's been lovely to see the Shop Up grow into what it is now. I was the first event coordinator for their very first Shop Up years ago. It was a great experience! Even though I am not involved in the behind the scenes I still attend every year to see the new brands springing up. I like to keep myself in the know of the latest baby and kid fashion. 

It was a lovely sunny day in Brick Lane and I'm sure this helped get people out and about, but nonetheless, the Shop Up seemed like a success. Edith and I parked ourselves in the corner making windmills and headbands with         The Little Top, one of our favourites. 

We had a lovely chat with Ciao Bimbo. Edith hasn't really taken to dolls but she did when she saw the Ciao Bimbo. She now has a little boy one named Lucas. Yes she named him:)

I fell in love with Meminio vintage keepsake suitcases. One of my best friends is having a baby so she may well be getting this for her baby gift! What a great idea!

It was lovely to see Well Grounded Co, Anna Liv and Antipodream (I so have to have their unicorn light!) and many more. 

And I couldn't leave the building without buying the most amazing frill skirt from Mabel Child. It caught my eye on the way in, but I wanted to give myself a chance to look around first, but as we were heading toward the door to leave, I knew I wasn't going to leave without it. Edith wasn't sure about it at first, but I was and knew she would love it once we got it home. I was right, she loves it!!!!!

If you haven't been to the Babyccino Shop Up, make your way to the next one in December. It's a great way to discover new brands and of course go shopping!!!! They have now branched out and have a Shop Up in New York City and LA!

kelly x


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