A Bit of Ai!

IMG_4960 Last week my husband was in NYC for business so I had the little one and we had a great week! I had asked my husband to take the Monday off after he got back so we could actually hang out together while Edith was at nursery. We worked on my collection in the morning and then decided to hit the city in the afternoon. There was no plan, just see where the wind would take us. We wanted to venture on down to the Tate Modern, but my husband realised he forgot our passes, so while I was posting mail he had a very clever idea. We have an amazing friend that works at the Royal Academy, knowing that the Ai Weiwei exhibition was sold out for the day, he asked if she could get us in. And she said of course! Brilliant!

So our see where the wind takes us took us right on in to the Ai Weiwei exhibition. I had wanted to see if for awhile and was so happy to finally get the chance.

It was a very nice exhibition, ok that sounds completely ridiculous as this is Weiwei we are talking out. I am literally in awe of artist that dedicate their lives to creating such masterpieces with such meaning. I really enjoyed he artwork titled Straight. The piece is made up of iron rails that were collected from sites after the horrendous earthquake in Sichuan in 2008. Thousands upon thousands of people died in this earthquake due to poor building structures and most of these deaths were children. The poor building structure of the schools in Sichuan left many children without a future.


I watched a 15 minute video about the earthquake and the development of the artwork, Straight and was almost in tears. It took Weiwei and his team 4 years to straighten out the mangled rails taken from the earthquake rumble. 90 tons of rod make up this structure representing fault lines.

He creates art with meaning and conviction and I really really admire him for this. And of course his craftsmanship is superb! I highly recommend going to see it!

kelly xx

(apologies for the quality of the photos, I just had my phone on me)

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