A Christmas Guide

xmas(starting from left going down) Memory|Cardboard City|Aesop|Blanket|Stamp Set|Boat|Hat|Wallet|Ring|Bear|Wooden Frame|Print|Baby Shoe|Wooden Animals|Bunny|Tutu|Soft Toy

This year my husband and I have decided not to do Christmas gifts. Edith will still have a Christmas, but a small one. Every dime we have is going straight into my collection, so we've decided to keep everything very simple. And to be honest, I am not missing the stress of Christmas shopping. Black Friday meant nothing to me, Cyber Monday, nope nothing to buy. It's a great feeling! Now here's the deal, I'm not looking down on anyone that's having a big Christmas, I think its awesome! I love putting gifts under the tree for my family and friends, I'm more excited about giving them than getting them, but there's always next year.

Just because I'm not buying gifts for my family this year, doesn't mean I haven't had a look around for some great gift ideas. So here are some ideas for you. Enjoy!!!!

kelly xx

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