A Valentine's Treat for Me!

spring Here I am watching the movie Valentine's Day  while writing this Valentine's post. I have to admit I love myself a cheesy love film. I seriously get all giddy inside like a little school girl. I guess the hopelessly romantic never really went away. Now Valentine's Day is usually about getting your partner or your dear friend a present, but have you thought about getting yourself a Valentine's Day gift? A wow, you're amazing gift? Why do we need someone else to get us something when we can tell ourselves how special we are by a little online shopping! Then the hinting around to your partner is eliminated and everyone can be happy! Just a thought. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to spoil anyone's overly sentimental view on Valentine's Day, I just think, why not treat yourself!

Most of you know I am a sucker for well, a bumbag, a pair of amazing awesome sunnies and yes of course a beanie! I hadn't considered or even seen a leather beanie until I found one on shopspring.com  yep, I'm pretty much in love! It had to go on my wishlist!

So ladies and gents why not do a bit of internet browsing now and make yourself a little Valentine's wish list. Go on you deserve it!

Here are my top 3 picks on my wishlist from Spring's accessories page!

kelly xx

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