Advent Calendar Trinkets

 love the excitement of advent! I probably get more excited about it then Edith, my little one. I enjoy finding little trinkets for a big surprise each morning. Most people give chocolates for advent but as my little one is 2 1/2 years old, chocolate isn't an option. I enjoy finding little things that she can fit in her pocket or walk around with . Stickers, tattoos, cars, crayons are big hits for my little one at the moment. I figured advent happens only once a year so why not make it special and exciting. I want to create a lovely memory of this wonderful time of year. Happy Advent!! 


2. Baby Squirrel Night Light 3. Velveteen Wall Hanging 4.  Atsuyo et Akiko Jewel Ring 5. Mibo Paper Toys 6. A Mini Penny Peacock Necklace 7. Numero 74 Mini Glitter Wand 8. Numero 74 Glitter Star Hair Clip 9. Lego Figure Crayons 10. Trabant Toy Car 11. Tattly Circus Set Tattoo 12. Pustefix Bear Bubbles 13. Dino Figure Puppet 14. Numero 74 Soft Toy Camera 15. Kidsonroof popup Card 16. Sonny Angel Doll 17. Flippin Pet

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