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agatha cub Have you checked out Agatha Cub yet, from New York? Owner and designer, Bianca Reis, believes kidswear should be fun, practical and sophisticated all by incorporating bizarre-fun prints that kids will love. Agatha Cub designs their collection in batches and only produces for the demand and what is financial possible. This all ties in with their belief in producing all organic, sustainable clothing. Setting the bar high for other brands, Bianca's goal is to combine organic and coolness all in one brand! And she has done just that! For a long time organic clothing has had a reputation of being boring and not trend worthy, but designers like Bianca are changing this, giving mothers the option to buy cool organic clothing! I personally love the collection and I am totally obsessed with the Pineapple Peach Button Down paired  with the Cow Mint Sweatshirt, it's the perfect spring look!

“We want organic to be a viable and affordable option. We want to remove the stigma of organic’s beige reputation.”

— Bianca Reis, Creative Director

It's important for us as parents to understand the importance of buying organic clothing for our children. Read on to find out why it's so important! (info below is from Agatha Cub's website)

Why Organic??

  • It's hypoallergenic (pesticide free, pigment free, bleach free means a far lower chance of allergic reactions due to toxins entering through our skin)
  • It absorbs body moisture and helps regulate body temperature (especially important for infants/kids who aren't so good at that yet)  
  • It is a sustainable resource that regenerates and doesn't destroy (our kid's kids are going to need clothes too)
  • It returns to the earth once we're done with it (biodegradeable, think less for the landfills)
  • It is a naturally durable and long lasting material, that can stand the test of time.

But on top of that... For the GOTS certification, organic also means:

  • Free choice of employment by workers,
  • A minimum age requirement for workers (no child labour)
  • Safe & hygienic workplaces
  • Basic minimum wages and work hours per week to satisfy the cost of living
  • And no discrimination or inhumane treatment.

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agatha cub agatha cubtt_2468 agatha cub agatha cub agatha cub Agatha Cub agatha cub

Photographer: Nicholas P. Elliott - Stylist: Divya Bala - Models: Ryo 6yrs  & Audrick 4yrs - In  stores: February, 2015

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