Amazing Women Jeans

I've always been picky about jeans and more so after giving birth 5 months ago. Even though I am slowly getting back into my pre-baby body, I'm not as satisfied with the jeans I was wearing before. Things shift after having a little one, many of you probably know what I'm talking about. When shopping for jeans, I look for comfort as well as flattering fit with a mid rise waist. While in Highate last week, I popped into Nawar, a cute little boutique on the high street. I was checking out the MIH Jeans they had in stock but didn't really feel like spending the £165, but it's worth it, they are great jeans! The very sweet shop attendant suggested I have a look at the new Amazing Women Jeans they had in stock. I had never heard of this brand before and was intriged. So I decided to try on a pair and see why they were raving about them. Well, let me just say, they are AMAZING jeans, hence the name. They are by far the most comfy pair of jeans I have tried on. Great fit and they felt so right around the waist, not too low, not to high. The perfect mid-rise, well for me at least. And a great price, only £100! So I bought myself a pair. They are worth every penny! And I will be buying myself another.

Amazing Women Jeans are made to fit and flatter the Real Women!!!! Amen to this!
Amazing Woman jeans have been designed specifically to compliment mature, shapely women and provide a designer quality fashion offering that provides the ultimate style and comfort combination. Hi-tech stretch fabric accommodating lycra rather than elastane is utilised to deliver astounding control and create a sleek, bump free, highly flattering profile. 
Amazing Woman Jeans can be found at:
also at Nawar in Highgate.

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