Autumn Loves...

aw wishlist (starting left to right) Gail Sweater Dress // Hope News Trousers // Topshop Girlfriend Jeans // Black Crane Dress // House of Sunny Oversized Jumper // All Saints Jumper // Wood Wood Jumper // Joaquin Jacket // Sol-Sana Leo Boots

Well folks, I think it's safe to say summer has left the building!!! I know, it's truly heartbreaking as everywhere else in the world is still 30 degrees, but this beautiful place called England, really doesn't care. So instead of complaining like I normally do, I've decided to look on the bright side and think about my autumn wardrobe.

Now  in all honesty, autumn is my favourite season. I love the smell and the crispness of the morning air. It brings all kind of excitement. Beautiful autumn leaves, chilly walks in the Heath and of course, a fall wardrobe. I'm looking forward to some oversized jumpers, a great pair of black ankle boots and a warm coat!

With my excitement about the season changing, I put a little autumn wishlist together!


kelly xx

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