Back to School in Style

1. Arket Cashmere Jumper 2. Mar Mar Copenhagen Leggings 3. Girlstalktoboys Denim Skirt 4. Tiny Cottons x Puma Trainers 5. Atsuyo et Akiko Tee 6. Beau Loves Velvet Skirt 7. Mini Rodini Leggings 8. Tiba & Marl Mini Backpack 9. Caramel Baby & Child Dress 10. Monkind Socks 11. Novel Walk Boots

1. Atsuyo et Akiko Tee 2. Someday Soon Jumper 3. Finger in the Nose Trousers 4. Golden Goose Trainers           5. Someday Soon Tee 6. Tiba & Marl Backpack 7. Veja Trainers 8. girlstalktoboys Dungarees 9. Beau Loves Tee 10. Maed for Mini Jumper 11. Bobo Choses Trousers 12. Mini Rodini Trainers
I can't believe summer is over and it's already time to go back to school! Edith is in year 1 this year, it's seriously crazy. We are very lucky that Edith doesn't have a school uniform, not that I think they are bad at all, cause I don't, I just really enjoy watching Edith pick our her outfits each day. Edith has grown so much recently that I've had to think about what to put in her wardrobe this fall. There are several brands that are a go to for us, they just work on her, so every season I turn to them first to sort her autumn wardrobe. Some of our favourite brands are: Mar Mar Copenhagen, she gets a pair of their leopard print leggings every season they are just so good, we love Beau Loves, she usually picks out a skirt or dress from them, Atsuyo et Akiko has the best t-shirts around I think. She has been wearing them since she was a baby and of course Mini Rodini, They just seem to work for her. I plan on trying out a few Someday Soon pieces on her this season. They are technically a boys brand but I don't care. We are all about the unisex here. And of course we can't forget she'll be wearing girlstalktoboys as well. Our Marg Midi Skirt is the perfect back to school item. We are super excited to try out a pair of boots from a new shoe brand from Barcelona, Novel Walk, you can purchase their beautiful shoes from their online shop from the 20 September. Here's just a few pieces that we'll be getting for her wardrobe. I've also included some other pieces that I love that are very unisex that would work well for a boy or girl! We believe that children should wear whatever they want to wear whether it's pink or black.
What are your favourite brands?
Happy School Year!!!
kelly xx

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