Bake for Bumps

I was riding the underground one afternoon and saw a poster that said Bake for Bumps. I was quite interested in it. A bake sale? That sounds like fun. I wrote the web address down and looked it up when I got home. Bake for Bumps is an event ran by Sparks Charity. The weekend of 17-19 May they are encouraging people to have their own bake sale to raise money for Sparks. I just loved this idea! Sparks is a charity that raises money and awareness for babies with life threatening conditions. 1 in 30 babies die before the age of 1 years old. This is heartbreaking and with the right research they can help save these babies lives. 

My husband Julius and I have decided to take part in the Bake for Bumps event. On the 19 May we will be hosting our own Bake Sale right in our own back garden and we invite all of you to join us! From 1pm onwards will be hanging out in the sun, eating cupcakes and raising money for an amazing cause! We'll also have the grill going, so bring some goodies and we'll cook it up for you! If you are in the London area and are interested in joining us, baking or donating some goodies or would like to make a donation, please contact me at girlstalktoboys[at].com and I'll give you all the details. And if you are not in the London area but would still like to donate money, please contact me too!!!! 

We look forward to seeing you and raising money for such a great cause!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!

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