Be Mine, Valentine!

So as most of you know it's Valentine's Day next weekend. Yep, the day where you expect some flowers, maybe some chocolates or even better a ring!!!! Valentine's Day has never been a big deal to me and my husby. We stay home, get into our jammies, order in a pizza and watch a comedy. It's good, we've done it ever since we got together and I quite like our little tradition!

Next weekend my husby is out of town and I'm going to a Tame Impala with one of my girlfriends! So it's a girls kind of Valentine's Day this year. But if my husband and I were going to find ourselves at a trendy restaurant in East London somewhere, you bet we'd be dressed to a t. Any excuse to put a major cool outfit together, I'm in!

So where do I turn for some major outfit inspiration, none other than farfetch. A one stop shop for all your outfit needs. I'm not gonna lie, it took me ages to put an outfit together, not because I couldn't find anything, but because I wanted to incorporate all of it!!! I finally narrowed it down and decided to go with a navyish, black combo with a dash of green. I didn't want to go with the tradition red, even though I do love red! It's about looking effortlessly put together and that's what I tried to do. I even coordinated our outfits! Why not, it;s Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day you love birds. To us all looking effortlessly put together!

kelly xx



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