Be the Light

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In a world full of darkness I want to be a light. I'm so sadden by the horrible events that have unfolded recently. I sit in bewilderment wondering what would posses someone to hurt another human being. But believe it or not despite all the craziness that is occurring all around us there are good people in the world, people just like you and me that want to change the world for the good. It is our duty to bring joy, happiness and love to those around us and if each of us do our part in our own envirnoment then the world will be a better place. It's as easy as saying hello to someone in the morning or smiling at someone on the tube or asking someone if they need help. These little gestures matter and they will make someone feel good and feel special. Be the Light to those around you.

Let's meet a women that is trying to bring joy to those around her, Lynsey, owner and designer of Bax and Bay. Lynsey launched Bax and Bay back in 2015 with a capsule collection of baby changing bags called the cub bag but since has expanded the collection adding t-shirts and accessories for kids and adults. Her womens t-shirts are uplifting, fun and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face with their bright motifs, hello sunshine slogans and her ever so popular mama fox tee. Better yet a percentage of every purchase goes to one of the many charities they support. 

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I am just loving her brand new Be the Light Sweatshirt in grey. It's soft, oversized and has the best slogan money can buy right now. It says it all, Be the Light. That's what I am trying to do and I hope you are too.

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Check out Bax and Bay's full collection here.

kelly xx

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