Bedroom Inspiration

We moved into our new flat in late August and we still have not finished our bedroom/my office. My husband and I are trying our hands at some DIY projects, which have taken us a lot longer than expected, one being the storage cabinet for my office area. But I figure we'll get there in the end and when we do I'll share the finished project with you. (It will be amazing) I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go with our bedroom. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about our bedroom until recently. I had been so busy just trying to move in, settle into a new full-time job and settle Edith in to a new nursery and nanny, that I just put it on the back burner. But with that all behind us now, it's most definitely time to focus on getting our bedroom looking fabulous! I had found this green cabinet (pictured above in the bathroom with checked flooring) via pinterest and decided I wanted to copy it. Luckily someone had thrown away a cabinet outside our old flat, so I snatched it up so I could turn it into the inspirational green cabinet. Then I found this beautiful green vintage quilt at Little Paris in Crouch End and thought it would look so beautiful on our bed. Slowly I realised green was becoming a big part of our room. So I've decided to go with it and to add some grey accents throughout. I am very excited to see how it turns out. Check out my bedroom inspiration above!!!! - Vintage wire baskets via pinterest - Vintage Magazine Rack use to be sold at Urban Outfitters - Green Cabinet I am using as inspiration via pinterest - Copper Bottle Opener (just love the colour) - Lassi Vases - Modern Macrame Pot Holders - Mirror Dot Rug - Beautiful room via Pinterest - Crates on wheels via Pinterest ( I have the crates, just need the wheels) - Tri-Weave Rug - Grey Paint, hoping to use on the walls in our room. - Moon Geometric Rug - Pickle Lamp

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