Brand Love: Harriet's Haberdashery by Harriet + Daughters

I'm sure most of you are guilty of browsing Etsy hours at a time, along with pinterest and Facebook, etc. I know I'm guilty of it but if I didn't I would be missing out on some fabulous new finds. And one of these fabulous new finds is Harriet's Haberdashery
Harriet's Haberdashery is a collaboration of a mother(Gramie Harriet) and her daughters, inspired by her granddaughter(little Harriet). They design and individually handsew honestly-made pure natural clothing for baby and children with an emphasis on handmade quality, authentic materials, and pride in small artisinal hand production. Their greatest pleasure is providing their customer with a one-of-a kind beautifully handcrafted garment made with richness and a reassuring sense of history, familiarity and longevity. Each garment is intended to last a lifetime and eventually become a beautiful piece of art. I promise you, you want to check them out! Their collection is so beautiful and I honestly cannot decide on my favourite.

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