Buh Kids


After roaming the rows of Bubble I started to make my way towards the exit until I was stopped by one of the agents from Buh Kids. I had passed them on the way in, but didn't stop to have a look. I wasn't sure I would like the brand until she started to explain the concept and their products. I was then very intrigued and found myself really really liking their products. Sometimes you just need to take a few minutes to really have a look at the products. With so many brands to look at it's hard to judge the product by just a quick glance. Specialising in baby sacks, bibs, blankets and push chair covers they combine beautiful printed fabrics with unique designs using 100% cotton on all their products. Produced locally in Madrid, this allows the company to keep control on the quality of their product along with fair working conditions for the workers.  I was very keen on the Zuppa Baby Sack, super handy and the Fegato Changing Pad www.buhkids.com

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