I'm not one to hold on to things for very long unless it's super special, I get bored, like really bored. I like change, always have, whether its a major move or cutting my hair (it's usually cutting my hair), I like to spice things up. My husband is completely opposite to me, he's happy just doing what he's been doing, he doesn't mind the familiarity of his everyday life. I admire this in him, maybe that's why he's good for me, he balances me out and puts up with my constant need to be on the go or looking for something to change. 

I do believe that one day I won't be so eager to have a constant chain of change, but I think for me it's finding that place called home, that feeling of, wow I feel happy just as things are for now. I can't say I have every felt this. Maybe it's my constant search for contentment or my missing home or my strive for perfection. 

I don't see change as a bad thing, I think it can be good for all of us to let go of the old and bring in the new. Change can put our lives into perspective, it can bring new opportunities, new friends, and a breathe of fresh air. 

For now I will just be changing my hair, but I hope in the light of everything that is going on around us, especially here in London, we can all have a change for the good, a change in our hearts, a change to love and except others differences. 

I'm ready to start loving and talking and sharing my experiences with those around me. I long for more intimate friendships and not just the instagram ones (even though I've met some amazing people through instagram), I'm ready to actually go get that coffee and sit face to face with another human being and just talk and share our experiences. We can all learn so much from each other. We can support each other, we can collaborate and be each others sound boards. 

So here's to change for the good and not just a good haircut:)

kelly x

here are some inspiration photos for my haircut today:)

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