Children of the Tribe

There is something so special about childhood, especially childhood spent outdoors. I grew up in a mid-size town in Middle American and I was surrounded by trees, grass, lakes, hills, and forest. It's so good for the soul and one day I want Edith to be surrounded by nature as well. But in the meantime, I will try to surround her with as much nature as possible so she can explore her natural surroundings. 

Children of the Tribe focus on exactly this, in their collections, they capture the innocence and wonder of childhood in its natural state, inspired by the harmonious connection of tribal children with the outdoor world around them. 

This season is characterised by tribal and animal prints, floaty florals, and soft natural fabrics. The colours of their clothing reflect the earthy and coastal tones of their home in Byron Bay.

Children of the Tribe create quality, timeless, and stylish clothing for free-spirited little people who love to roam their beautiful natural surroundings. 

Check out their beautiful collection here:

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