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beaumont organic I'm a big fan of Beaumont Organic, I'm also a fan of brands, especially contemporary brands, that pride themselves in responsible production. Hannah Beaumont, owner and creative director of Beaumont Organic is trying to pave a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.

As a Contemporary company Hannah thoroughly encourage's the idea and lifestyle of investment buying rather than needless spending on disposable fashion. Spending a little more on quality pieces that will last a lifetime is their ethos. This encourages a more sustainable and responsible future for the world of fashion.

Beaumont's production mainly takes place at a family run manufacturer in Porto, Portugal where good working conditions are met and workers are paid a fair wage. They have an open door policy and a transparent working environments meaning nothing is hidden, Hannah can see exactly how the factory is working to create her beautiful garments.

Beaumont Organics vision: Clean, classic and timeless shapes inspire their collections, producing easy to wear pieces that make great statements, or perfect layering pieces. Inspired by simplicity and strong women, their customer is a professional, yet worldly and creative woman who is striving for a better future for our planet.

I love Beaumont Organic because her vision is exactly what I want in a womenswear brand and I love her oversized styles! Perfection!

I had the opportunity to chat with Hannah, read on to find out more about Beaumont Organic!!!

You can buy Beaumont Organic here.

Hannah Beaumont

Tell me about yourself. What is your background?

I have loved fashion since I can remember and was always experimenting with outfits through my teens. After school I went to Leeds uni and studied fashion and marketing then after graduating got my first job at Monsoon in London as a buyers admin. I quickly realized I wanted to start my own business and in 2008 I jumped in and launched Beaumont Organic

What inspired you to start Beaumont Organic?

It was a desire to create gorgeous clothes responsibly.

What do you want your customer to know about Beaumont? What sets you apart from other ethical brands?

Our styling and quality of fabric is imperative to the brand. We are a luxury clothing brand that is organic and ethical… not an organic and ethical brand producing luxury clothing.

What does it mean to be an ethical brand?

Doing everything fairly. Ethical clothing for me is everything from the fabric to the production to the head office. Our products are fully traceable and we work closely with our manufacturers.

What was your inspiration for the Spring/Summer 15 collection?

Sports Luxe – it was such a fun collection to design !

Who would you like to see wearing your designs?

Alexa chung would look super cute in Beaumont. Also Emma Watson, Liv Firth and Laura Bailey as they have strong ethical values.

Besides your own brand, who are your favourite designers/brands?

Marlene Birger is consistently lovely! I also like Acne and Ganni

Do you have a favourite café, bookshop, park, museum, etc you go to for inspiration?

I love my local cafes in Didsbury. As many designers I am inspired by so many things every day that just a walk to the shops can spark an idea..

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would this be? Why?

Hmm.. tricky – can I come back to you on this..

Where must one go when visiting Manchester?

The northen quarter.

Do you listen to music when you are designing? If yes, who are you listening to at the moment?

Nope – I like to concentrate…

What’s the best advice someone has given you? What advice can you give to us?

My mum always told me ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try try again’ I think this has always stuck with me and in the fashion industry you do need to be quite resilient.

My advice would be to set your goal, focus on it and work towards achieving it! You can do anything if you are determined enough.




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