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edith mama fav Mainio, it's a name I had heard before but it wasn't until I attended Circus London Pr's latest press party that I was reintroduced to the brand. Helping myself to the rails of gorgeous kids clothing, Mainio's AW15 collection took my eye. I couldn't decide which piece was my favourite as I loved them all! I enjoyed the collection for it's interesting colour palette, laid-back designs and I knew it would be a collection Edith would wear.

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Mainio, from Finland, means Superb or Clever in English. They take inspiration from their love of the outdoors, street fashion, and the need for laid-back-fashion. They design instinctively, trusting that what they are liking at the moment others will like too, and they have been right on so far! Designing for children 0-12 years and with some pieces for us mamas too, they use GOTS organic cotton, produce with a SA80000 manufacture in India, and donate 2% of total sales to improving the environment and community within their Indian factory. Sounds pretty good to me!

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Edith and I had the chance to try out some pieces from the Spring/Summer 15 collection and we were not disappointed! Check out our photos! Summer collection on sale now!

With their AW15 collection about to hits shops, Mainio takes you on an African adventure, incorporating zebra prints, giraffes, and monkey faces. It's a collection your little ones will love!

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I had the chance to chat with with the Mainio duo, Johanna and Outi, read on to found out more about this amazing brand!

Check them out here:

1.   Tell me about yourself. What is your background?

The designer Outi Mäkinen and managing director Johanna Vaissi have both been working in fashion industry for a long time. The idea of Mainio had been there for some time, but it really got going after they met each other and shared the same visions.

2.   What inspired you to start Mainio?

Mainio was born of a desire to make laid-back and up-to-date children’s clothes that both children and their parents like. Also the experience in clothing business had shown that many things could be made in better way, making more ethical and sustainable choices.

3.   Where does the name Mainio come from?

Mainio is Finnish adjective that basically means “superb” or “clever” in English.

4.   What sets you apart from other kidswear brands? What do you want your customer to   know about you?

Our traceable production is something that we are really proud of. But we don’t advertise that, or the fact that we use only GOTS certified organic cotton so much, because we think that good design needs to come first. And in addition to that customer will be able to have a good conscience about purchasing products that are manufactured in excellent working conditions. The production is made in India, in a factory that has SA8000 certification and whose working conditions we have known for years. More about the production can be found in our site

5.   How’s does inspiration come about for each collection? What usually sparks the main theme of the collection?

OUTI: “I don’t think that my creative process ever follows any similar pattern. As a designer you are always observing our surroundings and the ideas can come anywhere from your everyday life. Nature has always been important element in my life and often my best ideas come when I am walking in forest with my dogs. I think the interiors are perhaps the most inspiring source of ideas for me, in addition to street fashion. That’s why I mostly follow only interior trends from different sources; blogs, magazines, Pinterest, internet for example.”

6.   Where do you go for inspiration/ideas? Park, café, museum?

We often do inspiration trips to London, because street fashion is so present everywhere and it is inspirational just to follow people passing by. Your subconscious can easily sense some up and coming trends there.

7.   Do you listen to music when you design? If so, what are you listening to now?

OUTI: “Sometimes, but music is not really what gets me going design wise. Silence is actually the best thing for me when I am processing my thoughts. That’s probably why the forest works so well when I need to get my head straight when the million different ideas are bouncing around there at the same time.”

8.   If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would this be, why?

 It would probably be some brand that is making cool shoes for children, because we love shoes; especially sneakers! It would be great to be able to design ensembles from head to toe!

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