Coats and Hats

1. Barts Cers Beanie Red 2. Mini Rodini K2 Dog Parka 3. Barts Rosie Beanie Army 4. De Cavana Ribbed Navy Parka 5. Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub 6. Stella McCartney Kids Checked Coat 7. Niddle Noddle Knit Hat  8. Bobo Choses Beanie Crests 9. Ralph Lauren Fur Hooded Parka 10. Acne Mini Kosta 11. Bellerose Luli Lined Coat 12. Molo Kids Kikki Hat 13. Stella McCartney Abbie Faux Fur Coat

I can't believe it's autumn! Well, technically in 2 days but still, the summer just flew by! I've been preparing Edith's autumn wardrobe and realised she has grown out of everything. I compiled a list of hats and coats that I thought she would love and showed her, but she had a different idea in mind. So we eventually came to an agreement on a few items we both liked, now it's just convincing her dad!

There are some diamonds out there right now, that narrowing down my favourites was quite the task, but I got there in the end.

Here are some of our favourites.

Happy coat and hat shopping!

kelly xx


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