Day of Happiness

Today is the first United Nations Day of Happiness. I think this is pretty cool. It's so easy  to get caught up in the day to day tasks that sometimes we forget to look around and appreciate what we have or to stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about how we can make someone else happy. It doesn't have to be a big thing, something small like smiling at someone on the underground or asking the barrister at your local coffee shop how their day is. It's the small things that make people happy. 

Everyone has a happy hero, someone that makes you happy or someone that really does make an effort to make others feel good about themselves. 

My happy heroes are three incredible women in my life right now: Sinead, Jo, and Vanessa. If it weren't for these three ladies my experience as a new mom would have been much scarier. They have been there to support me and give me comfort in the most exciting and challenging time in my life. These women are incredibly giving, talented, loads of fun and wonderful mothers. Ladies, I salute you!!!!!

Who is your happy hero? Make sure and let them know today!!!! And make it a goal to bring happiness to others.

For more information about Day of Happiness and to get involved visit their website:

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