Dear Plastic

As a mother you face the task of bringing up a child with manners, respecting other people, and also respecting their surroundings. One thing I'm teaching myself, living with less and with the things I do have learning to be creative with them. I want to teach Edith this. I want Edith to be interested in the power and beauty of nature and learn creative ways of leading a sustainable life. Luckily their are designers that are heading in this direction and she can learn this from Dear Plastic because this is exactly what they are interested in.

Dear Plastic began in 2009. Yumi's background is in fine arts and education, Taka's background in engineering and design.
Together they began collaborating on ideas and products that were environmentally friendly. They held workshops centered around upcycling and taught children and adults creative ways of recycling everyday disposable objects.
In 2011 they took a break, left Sydney to travel the world, to explore and to cultivate new ideas and perspectives.
They returned in 2012, moved to Melbourne and once again began creating and collaborating. With their work, they don't seek perfection but to show the beauty of hand made pieces.

Dear Plastic has been very busy collaborating and showcasing their work in many shows around Australia. They have showcased at Craft Victoria, Finders Keepers, Craft Hatch and worked with Papier Mache Magazine. 

Check out their amazing crystal crowns(plan on ordering on for Edith:), paper mobiles and art work. Dear Plastic is a great way to show your little ones it's easy to reuse materials in a creative way!!!!

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