DIY Star Mobile

Before Edith was born I was obsessed with getting her room together. I wanted it to be just right as I knew Edith was going to be very special and needed a special room to suit her. When we moved into our new flat recently, I wasn't sure how I was going to decorate her room. I knew I would keep some things from her previous room but I wanted her room to grow with her. I started to look around for inspiration but hadn't found it yet, until one day Edith said her wanted stars. It made so much sense as everything she talked about was moon and stars. I wasn't surprised as when I was little I had a star room too! So once I had the theme it was quite easy to put her room together.  Last Christmas I had made her a teepee and I thought it would be great to have a star mobile hanging in her teepee. This way she could sit in her teepee read a book while looking at the stars.  Here's how to make the star mobile, it's super easy!!!!! What you need:

1. Star Stencil, I just found some stars using google images and printed them out, then cut them out.
2. Clear Tape
3. Clear Thread
4. Hemp String or something similar
5. Scissors
6. Nice stick, can be curved or straight, whichever you prefer
7. Glitter paper or whichever paper you prefer

1. First take your stencil and trace it on the back of the glitter paper 2. Then cut our your stars, cut different sizes to make your mobile look great!

3. Once you have cut out your stars, lay out how many stars you would like one strand. Once you have them lined up, lay down the clear thread on your stars. Then take the clear tape and tape the thread down on the stars. If you would like three strands of stars then do this three times.

5. Once you have tied your star strands to the stick, take your hemp string, cut it to the length you would like the mobile to hang, then tie it around the stick in the middle. Viola you have a lovely Star Mobile!!!!

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