Dot Dot Dot...

I'm loving all the prints that are out there now! And I'm loving all the polka dots floating around. Polka dots are really stylish these days and I love how they are being used in clothing and interiors! Check out my polka dot guide!

1. Zara Flats
2. La Cerise sur le Gâteau
3. Opening Ceremony Boots
4. Franky Grow Leggings
5. Blanca Gomez Wallsticker
6. Dolce & Gabbana Playsuit
7. Boy+Girl Anorak
8. Fafa Tokyo Shirt  
9. Miga De Pan Giraffe
10. Frank Grow Blazer
11. Polka Dot Skirt
12. Bodebo Trousers
13. Sukan Pillow
14. Anais & I Playsuit
15. Indikidual Jumpsuit
16. DVF Sweater Dress
17. Little Marc Jacobs Top
18. Little King's Polka Dot Flats
19. Benoît Missolin
20. Bobo Choses Orange Trousers 
21. Le Petit Lucas du Tertre
22. Anonymous Ism Hankerchief

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