DOUUOD = Elegance

DOUUOD_0415_15_001 Comfortable, refined, casual and authentic, this is the motto of DOUUOD kids. Designed and made in Italy by Elisabetta Mambelli, it's a kids collection that resonates class, quality, and of course practicality. DOUUOD Kids' collections are pure and full of honest emotions. Neutral colors identify the brand and its elegance, while keeping the collection contemporary. But you will find some wearable avant-garde pieces perfect for any occasion.

I've been a fan of DOUUOD for some time now and have dressed Edith in the brand. I love the brand for their simple, chic pieces that look great mixed and matched with other brands. I love the beautiful muted colours throughout the collection and I am so excited for the AW 15 collection!

Check out their beautiful collection hereDOUUOD_0415_10_018 DOUUOD_0415_11_002 DOUUOD_0415_06_127 DOUUOD_0415_05_046 DOUUOD_0415_04_042 DOUUOD_0415_03_001 DOUUOD_0415_12_011

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