Easter Style File

easter style Growing up, Easter was a big deal in my household. Preparations started weeks in advance, the Easter basket, Easter dinner, and let's not forget about the Easter dress! Looking back at old photos of my sister and I, I can't help but laugh. My mom dressed us girls in matching dresses with frilly socks, and a big bow on our head. I don't seem to remember disliking this particular look, so I must have given some consent. Now that I have a child, I've decided to spare her the embarrassment of frill socks and gigantic bows, I thought I would top of her outfit with a bunny ear headband instead. Here's to thought through outfits with a bit of class. May your Easter be filled with lots of love and great fashion!

kelly xx

Boy Outfit:

Girl Outfit:

Baby Outfit:

Mama Outfit:

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