Easy Peasy Dressing

easy peasy dressing Welcome to 2016! I think this is the year to get things done! Like finishing that project you've been talking about for so long or cleaning out your closet or running that 10k. For me it's about getting my first collection out to the buyers at the end of January and simplifying my look and more importantly my closet!!!! I have too many clothes. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I'm sick of having all these clothes I don't wear and don't care about. I would prefer to have fewer pieces, but really nice pieces I love!!!! Because I am quite busy at the moment I  need a simple, sophisticated and stylish look. I'm constantly looking at fashion bloggers just killing it and to be honest their outfit is quite simple and anyone can copy it. I'm an absolute sucker for jeans! I could have a whole wardrobe full of them. They are super easy to style. You can dress them up and dress them down. So this year I want to make my jeans look killer! I've found some great inspiration to get things rolling.

You only need a few key pieces to create a killer denim look.

  1. A pair of high-waisted denim that you love to wear (like these)
  2. A white or grey tee (like this tee)
  3. Your favourite jumper ( like this jumper)
  4. Pair of trainers or boots (trainers, boots)
  5. An accessory, like a hat, scarf or handbag (hat, scarf)
  6. Coat, depending what kind of look you are going for this can be an awesome bomber jacket or an oversized coat. (bomber, oversized coat)

That's it! You should every single one of these pieces in your closet. Have fun with this look. Try tucking in your jumper of leaving it out. Add a colourful scarf to your white tee, etc.

This look is simple, sophisticated and super easy to put together. No more waisting your precious time and figuring out what to wear!

Happy 2016!!! May you accomplish that to-do list!!!!

kelly xx

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