Etsying it Up!

etsy Yarn Wall Hanging // Natural Indigo Quilt // Buffalo Skull // Eames for Herman Miller Rocker // Vintage Wooden Letters // Redwood Pot Hanger // Mountain Blossom Scarf // Porcelain Dipping Plates

I'm back! Crazy how long I've been gone. I was away in the States for quite awhile. My two and a half week family visit turned into six weeks. But I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoyed the time away. When I was visiting friends and family in the States, I started to notice how amazing everyone's houses were decorated. I actually got a bit jealous to be honest, but not in a bad way. Where I'm from in the States, middle America, you have the best second hand and antique shops around! When I lived in the States, my house too looked like you just walked in to Living Etc magazine. I decorated my whole house for so cheap as I was so good at spotting amazing pieces at antique shops. Here in London, it'a a bit harder. For one, it takes ages to find beautiful pieces for a decent price or you have to get up at the crack of dawn to get yourself on a train to travel outside the city to an auction. Unfortunately, my husband and I don't own our flat so we are limited to what we can do. But if I had my own place I would go absolutely mental. One day, when I have a place to call my own I will turn it into another Living Etc set!

I took some time out one day and went around to all my favourites shops in my home town. Looking around inspired me to redecorate my bedroom. I wish I could have shipped many beautiful pieces back to London, but I restrained myself and just used the shopping experience as inspiration. Noting things that I liked, I decided to get on Etsy and find similar things that I saw on my shopping excursion! With a million and one things to look at on Etsy, I feel proud of my selection/inspiration for my bedroom. I hope you enjoy my finds!!!!

kelly xx

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