Gelato Heaven!

kelly ice 1 I'm not gonna lie, I should be living in a warm tropical climate. It's in my blood. I'm the happiest in the sun! Forget this rainy weather bull crap that England presents us with. I find it a bit too overrated, but until we are able to move away to a nice sunny place, holidays will do just fine for now. My husband and I had the amazing pleasure of meeting our closest friends in Elba, Italy! All 14 of us headed to Elba from all over the world (Hong Kong, Germany, Abi Dabi, England, Paris) yes we are quite an international crowd, to spend  7 relaxing days soaking up the sun and eating lots of gelato! Let me just say it was amazing! The setting was beautiful, the company was fun, and the food was yummy. All of us are quite foodies, so each night was a feast fit for a king or my tummy!

The great thing about our group of friends, is it's easy. We all get along so well and everyone can literally just sitting around and drink beer play cards, listening to music and just hang out. We're not a high-mainance crowd, so the trip was seriously relaxing!

I have to be honest, I didn't want to leave. I thought to myself I could totally get use to this lifestyle, sun, stress-free environment, hell, I could even work from Elba, I just need my computer. Maybe I would even be a bit more productive. Well, needless to say, I had an amazing time. Here some pictures to prove it!

Here are only some of the photos I have. I will post more of our beach pictures. Cause we had some amazing beach time!!!!


kelly xx

On the way to the Island from Piombino


4 of us


The Houselounge kitchen the house

Breakfast!breakfast laughter breakfast

Hanging out!fuck LA village the gang uskelly dress 2

Beach ready!jules beach

We went on an amazing hike!!!!hike 4hike 3hike 2hike kellyhike viewthe topthe top 1the top 2the top 9ladies at the top

Out and about!in the lightbench 5

Pisa!pisa 1the cornerpisa streetpisa bikehike 4changethe tower

The journey home. It was sad.the journey home

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