gttb loves... books!

We LOVE books. Edith sleeps with her books, that's how much she loves to read! Edith's at the beginning stages of reading. She takes reading very seriously, but she also likes to pretend she can read and makes up her own version of the story. It's really sweet. 

There's not one particular kind of book we like reading. I've been known to pick up a book from the bookstore that didn't really catch Edith's imagination, but recently I've been on a winning streak with my choices. I sometimes think I enjoy kids books more than Edith. I just love going into our local bookshop, Pickled Pepper Books, and picking out a few books here and there to add to our growing collection. 

Our favourite books of the moment are:

1. Little People Big Dreams: Coco Chanel by Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Ana Albero, I love these books. There are 4 in total and each book is about a famous women that overcame a difficulty in childhood to become strong and powerful women. These books are brilliant! Women empowerment! 

2. The Little Gardner by Emily Hughes. One little gardener is trying to keep his huge garden alive but is too little to keep it flourishing. Luckily someone sees his hard work and helps bring the garden to life again. It's such a beautiful story about determination and love.

3. We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen. Have you read the hat series? They are brilliant! These books are cute, funny and just cool. We are big fans!

4. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. Mr. Tiger decides that everyone in his town is too stuffy. He is ready to be free and wild and follow his own path and not the path of others. The townsmen looks down on him, but then start to realise Mr. Tiger is on to something. Stay true to yourself and others may follow your lead.

5. Where Do My Clothes Come From? by Chris Butterworth. I believe it's only right to start educating kids early on where their clothes come from. The more knowledgeable they are about the production process the more likely they will pay attention to their buying habits and educate those around them to do the same. Edith really loves this book!

6. I Am An Artist by Marta Altes. My husband thought I was mad for buying this book for Edith! He was just waiting for the paints to come out and find a collage on our walls. This hasn't happened yet:) This book is about a little boy that sees the art in everything. His mother does not see it his way. But his inner artist wants to create that one art piece that will have her heart singing. It's such a cute book!

7. Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae. It's a beautiful story about a giraffe trying to find his very own tune to dance to and finding the confidence to believe in himself. It's lovely!

These are our go-to books at the moment. We hope you enjoy our selection.

Happy Reading!

kelly x

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