Half-term Fun!


It's half-term! Woohoo! Usually I'm a bit nervous about having a Edith for a whole week, mainly planning enough activities to keep her busy, but this week I'm super excited about it. She is heading to Germany with her father on Thursday so I only have to plan activities for the first three days then I have the rest of the week to myself, which means working:)

But we've kicked off this week of fun with a visit to The National Gallery. Edith is a big fan of the Katie's books by James Mayhew, so we were on a mission to find all the painting in her book. It was a real treat roaming the enormeous rooms of beautiful painting with Edith. She brought her sketch book and pencils and when she found a painting she liked she sat down and drew her own version of it. The museum passerbys got a big kick out of this. I personally was very proud. 

In Katie's Picture Show, she learns about several paintings by jumping into the painting and experiencing it in real life. The paintings she experienced were the:

  1. The Hay Wain by John Constable
  2. Madame Moitessier by Jean-Auguste-Dominique
  3. The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  4. Surprised! by Henri Rousseau
  5. Dynamic Suprematism by Kazmir Malevich

Edith and I saw The Hay Wain, The Umbrellas and Surprised. We couldn't find the other paintings, but there were a few galleries that were closed for reinvention so we figured they were in there or not on display at the moment.

The Hay Wain by John Constable

The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Surprised! by Henri Rousseau

Edith was so excited to see these paintings! I believe familiarising her with these painting through a fun book was an excellent idea. The National Gallery has a a Katie Adventure that you can download that takes you through parts of the gallery. It gives you a guide and asks you to draw your interpretation of the drawing.

You can download this guide here Katie's National Gallery Adventure We will be doing this on our next visit with Edith. The National Gallery was a great way to kick of our half-term fun.

Other activities we have planned this week:

Monday: London Zoo

Tuesday: Science Museum

Wednesday: Swimming at our local pool

We will stop by the Imagine Festival at South Bank sometime this week.

If you are looking for last minute half-term ideas check out:

Have a great week!!!!

kelly x



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