Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!! Wow! It's almost been a month since I have written. What a shame to be honest, but let me tell you December was a super busy month for me! I truly missed writing, but sometimes life takes over and you realise there is not enough time in the day for all the things you want to do. This last month I was still working at Oliver Bonas in Crouch End as their Assistant Manager, plus working a new project I have now started working on full-time, plus trying to be a mom and a wife. Let's just say I had a bit too much on my plate. But now my time at Oliver Bonas is done and I start my new job today!! Woohoo!!!! I will be working for Foundation Agency based in Old Street. We represent Ethically and Fair-Trade fashion women's brands and one kids brand called Sense Organics. I am truly happy to be back working in a creative field again. This new job allows me to work with great brands and retailers along with the flexibility to pick Edith up from nursery. And the best bit I can start seriously start blogging again!  I really really want this blog to go somewhere. My goal is to be known as a stylish mama that knows whats cool at that moment and also can keep you in the know about kids fashion, mama fashion and music. I hope one day this will happen.  For me, 2015 is all about having a balanced lifestyle and being way way more disciplined. Successful people know how to manage their time and for me this is truly something I need to learn. I don't have all the time in the world so if I can really focus on the task at hand I believe I can accomplish way more without stressing or feeling rushed. And of course this allows me to spend more quality time with Edith.  Other things I'm hoping to accomplish this year: I have decided to quite eating sugar. I decided this purely based on wanting more energy and a clearer complexion. I am signing up for the Hackney Half-Marathon! I am a runner, I run a couple times a week but I've needed a goal or something to work towards, so I have decided to give it a try. You won't see me running a marathon, that's a bit too much for me:) And lastly, money. I want to focus on quality over of quantity. I think it's time to have fewer pieces in my wardrobe that I wear all the time. I have loads of garments that remain untouched. This does not mean I won't continue my Mama Wardrobe Wednesdays! I still have wish lists!  Anyways, I encourage all you wonderful mamas out their to strive for a balanced and healthy life and to learn your limits. I've had to realise that I am not wonder women(although I would really love to be) and in life it's important to focus only on what's important at the time and saying no is healthy!  Here's to a healthy 2015! kelly xx

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