Hats. I've always been a big big fan of hats. I've always used them as a way of self-expression and used it to my advantage as I actually look good in a hat. Not everyone can pull off a hat. Vintage hats were my first love. I use to search charity shops and antique malls for top hats, crazy hats, fur hats and well any hat that caught my eye. If you needed a hat back in the day, I probably had what you were looking for. I still have loads of hats, not as many as I use too, but plenty for everyone at a party to have one!
Hats are a way of transforming yourself into someone else. Feeling a bit blah, add a hat and viola you feel so much better. A hat is also a way of protecting or shielding yourself. I know if I'm having a bad hair day or haven't had enough time to fix my hair before the school drop off, I throw on a beanie and feel like I can conquer the world, or just walk out the door without looking like a moron. 
I see a hat as a way of separating yourself from those around you, a way to stand out, to become a bit different. This is why I included a hat in our logo. I wanted to show that a hat doesn't have to be old school or just for men, that it can be modern and used in a powerful way, a self-expression kind of way. And since girlstalktoboys is all about expressing yourself in your own way and promoting individuality, a hat seemed fitting. 
Here are some hats that I am totally loving right now! I could definitely see myself in all of them. There's nothing better than having one really nice beautiful hat to hang on your head. 
Hats off!

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