I was browsing FAB.com the other night and came across these amazing sweatshirts with the coolest design and with it was an animal mask. I thought to myself, wow, what a brilliant idea. A super-cool sweatshirt and an animal mask, what more could a kid ask for?

Hektik.cc is a Dutch-Austrian design team, Gaudi Hoedaya and Ursula Wurzinger. Two creative artists who between them have a wide range of experience in concept and styling. They saw a need to create a new kind of kids lifestyle brand, a brand that wasn't too sweet or romantic but one that stood for something a bit cheekier. Their collection is simple, stylish but recognizable animal designs that reveal a true personality and a real character. Hektik has a lovely group of animals friends and each has a story to tell.  Become familiar with their fun friends: Mauw the Cat, Kiki the Frog, Moo the Cow, Brom the Bear, Curly the Pig, Flap the Bunny, Xi-Xi the Panda Bear, Hipp the Hippo, Brr the Polar Bear, and Bzz the Bee. These friends are a great way for the little ones to learn their animals and look cool too.


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