How many of you ask yourself what am I going to cook for dinner? I do this quite a bit when my husband isn't cooking, which he normally is because he's a great cook. But when he's away or working late I need to come up with something for Edith to eat. We've been pretty lucky as Edith has never been a fussy eater. She usually eats what we put in front of her. I know this is not the case for everyone. Dinner time can be such a fight and an unenjoyable experience if not handled correctly. 

I had the pleasure of attending a fresh talk at the HelloFresh Headquarters last night in Old Street. Let me just tell you the headquarters were cool! There was a panel discussion about family mealtime and how we can all make it easier on ourselves. The panel consisted of:

The one thing I took away from the discussion was to praise your children for their good manners and not just scold them for their bad, keep mealtime a positive time and don't make a big deal out of vegetables. Start making vegetables yummy and fun from the get-go, this way it won't be a big deal later on. Oh and finally don't worry too much about what they eat now because fussy eater eventually eat what they didn't like when they were young. If they are healthy and getting some sort of a balanced diet then all will be good!

I was super excited to try HelloFresh's family box meals, very good!!!!! Their little tacos were superb!!!!! I wish I would have taken a whole tray for myself. If you are struggling to find inspiration at mealtime, do check them out. 

I'm writing about this because I enjoyed my evening last night. This is not paid by HelloFresh. They had great food, cocktails and good company!

oh my outfit:

Happy Thursday!

Kelly x


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