Hello, Wonderful

It's raining outside and you've run out of ideas for entertaining the kids! So what in the world are you suppose to do to pass the time? I've got the answer for you! Hello, Wonderful. Many of you have probably known about Hello, Wonderful for ages, so I may be a bit behind on this, but for those of you that haven't, it's gonna make your life a whole lot easier. Hello, Wonderful is a a simple creative portal where you can easily find creative inspiration to enjoy with your kids: crafty ideas, amazing new products, quick solutions, and everyday fun. You can save your favorite ideas or share them with your friends.

Founder Agnes Hsu wanted to create a website where busy parents could go to for creative ideas for their kids. Along with other talented parents she brings parents a library of go-to projects for all ages. 
Their main goal is to spark creativity through imagination, play and fun and creating memories.
Check out Hello, Wonderful and start encouraging creativity in your kids!

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