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I thought I would keep up with the blog more than I have done recently, but I've realised with only me running the show around here, it's hard to do everything. Starting your own business is exciting but also a massive learning curve. The things I've learned since starting my own kidswear brand are invaluable. The amount of tears I have shed over the last 9 months could fill a swimming pool, but I wouldn't change a thing. Like most people say, if starting your own business was easy, well, everyone would be doing it. 

I've had to decide what to focus on and stick with that. I truly thought I wanted to be a full-time blogger, but then realised as much as I LOVE promoting new brands, I needed something more than just writing about other people’s creative endeavours. This doesn't mean I won't stop writing about my fellow start-up gals and their businesses, I will, but I needed to be creating something that people would enjoy and would want to write about. 

So here I am preparing to show my second collection, SS17: Come Fly With Me, to buyers and press on Sunday at Dot to Dot London, then at Playtime Paris in July. I am really excited about this collection because I think it's strong. AW16 was definitely a success, especially for my first collection; but I feel that my second one is even better. 

Having said that, preparing my SS17 collection has been very difficult. As soon as I thought I was just getting the hang of it, I had a major set-back. I was so on the ball with SS17. I had all the silhouettes designed, the prints ready to go and my fabrics picked out, but one thing I did not have was a manufacturer. I did have it all set up and ready to go, but one day I received a call from a retailer I truly respect and she warned me about this manufacturer I was planning to use. In the same week I had two other industry professionals warn me about the same manufacture and advised me to step away asap. I was floored, firstly because where was I going to produce and secondly how could someone be so unprofessional and ruin people’s lives? Not hold up to their end of the deal. But I was very lucky to have some amazing women have my back. If it weren't for them I could have been in a very bad situation.

So what did I do, I gave myself a couple of days to FREAK out then I pulled myself together, moved on and sorted it out. I'm still developing a solid supply chain, but it's coming together. These kind of things take time. It takes a lot of research and more research and more research and meeting people that are willing to help you (which I have been very lucky to meet).

I'm looking forward to the journey ahead. I hope I can keep this journey going and get people excited about girlstalktoboys and what it stands for. I hope in the next year I can expand the collection and bring someone on to help me with it. 

I know if I keep plugging away I will get where I want to be and have my dream team. 

Our AW16 collection, Beneath the Milky Way, Dreams Come True will launch at the beginning of August. You can purchase the collection from our website at:

and from our amazing retailers:

Busy and the Boy

Early Grab Shop

Niddle Noddle


The Mini Edit

One thing I do want to say, if you are thinking of starting your own business and need some advice, please get a hold of me. I'm always happy to help!

kelly x

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