I Love Rogue Shoes!

Rogues_uk_04_491_online Shoes, oh shoes, how I love thee! I have a little lady that takes after me, we love shoes!!! I came across Rogue Shoes the other day, beautifully designed brogues! Designer and founder Katie Harland entered the shoe industry after years of frustrating at the inability to find the perfect flat. Rogues were born from a desire to create footwear that's not only functional, but elegant and full of character. A love-child from the colour and comfort of trainers and the craft and credentials of brogues, Rogues should have a firm place in any modern woman's wardrobe.

Created from three pieces of leather to form an iconic shape, Rogues are manufactured in Portugal where generations of hand-crafted quality leather goods have been produced. The slight platform, the low cut around the ankle and the narrow fit on the toe all ensure that this is both an elegant and flattering shoe, whereas the pick'n'mix laces and wide range of colours place creativity and customisation at the heart of the label. (information came from their website).

Now, us mamas have no excuse not to have a nice pair of modern day flats in our wardrobe. I know I'll be sporting these very soon, now it's just deciding which pair!!!!

Check out Katie's gorgeous collection here: Rogue Shoes

Rogues_uk_04_559_online Rogues_uk_04_540_online Rogues_uk_05_407_online Rogues_uk_05_054_online Rogues_uk_04_230_online Rogues_uk_02_107_online

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