I'm Loving Arro Home!


I'm a sucker for bright home furnishings, I'm sure I've said this over and over again, but I am! I'll pick a green and white striped pillow with a red pom pom in the middle of it over a simplistic, chic cushion any day. Doesn't mean I strive to be more minimalistic and grown up, but it never seems to happen. So when I stumble across a brand like Arro Home, I'm pretty excited.

All the way from Melbourne, Australia, this new homewares and lifestyle label brings a simple and refreshing approach to our homes while incorporating their signature prints and colourful designs. The great thing about Arro Home, their product is unique and can stand alone in a home or can be mixed in with other minimalistic garb making your living space perfection.

If your looking for a great rug, cushions for your comfy couch or a one of a kind duvet cover then Arro Home is a dream come true for you!

Check out their great selection here: www.arrohome.com

kelly xx

mothers_day1-770x847 arro_cushions


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