Inspirational Monday: Bunting!

I found this photo via pinterest and fell in love with it! I looked everywhere for this bunting, but couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own! I admit mine looks a bit more homemade then theirs, but it makes it more unique this way. Read on to find out how I created this cute bunting!

Materials needed:

A Sponge
Acrylic Paint or fabric paint, either will work
Triangle Pattern Piece
Square Pattern Piece
Paint Brush

1. First decide how big you want your square muslin square to be. Trace the square on a thicker piece of paper. Cut out the square, take a pencil and trace the square on the muslin. Decide how long you would like your bunting and cut out that many squares.

2. Second, decide how big you would like your triangle to be on your square muslin piece. Note that you will be fraying the sides of your muslin square, so make sure and leave a little space around your triangle. I found a triangle on the internet and printed it out on a piece of paper. Cut out the triangle and trace the triangle on the sponge you will be using. 

3. Then cut out the sponge triangle.

4. Take some acrylic paint and put some on a paper plate or paint plate, if you have one. Dip the triangle in the paint. Make sure the paint is spread even on the sponge. I took a paint brush and would spread it around if I thought it wasn't on evenly. 

5. Make sure and practice a couple of times before finalising your triangle. I found that the sponge I used left little unpainted holes, so I had to take a paint brush and fill it in. Experiment. It's fun, you'll find out what works best for you.

6. Once I found a triangle I liked, I repeated this on all the muslin square pieces. Then I let them dry overnight.

7. Once the muslin pieces are dry. Take a needle and thread and sew the pieces together. I doubled my thread up twice to make the string a bit thicker. You can take string and sew it on the squares if you like. 

8. When sewing the muslin square together make sure and leave some space between each square so it looks like bunting. 

9. Once your squares are sewn together, hang it!!!!

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