Inspirational Monday: Meera Sodha

I have a friend that is a total inspiration to me. Everything she does honestly turns to gold. Her name is Meera Sodha. I met Meera through my husband Jules, he went to LSE with her. I heard so much about her before I actually met her and when I did finally meet her years ago, I understood why she was a topic of discussion. Her mind is always coming up with crazy amazing ideas and these crazy amazing ideas actually become a reality. I first really got to know Meera when she set up the Ping Pong parlour in Soho and helped Ping! London place tables all over the city. I worked a few nights at the Ping Pong Parlour for her and just loved her energy. Since her time with Ping London she has been a busy bee publishing her first cookbook with Penguin books called Made in India. Inspired by her families' recipes, she traveled all about India visiting family to compile their best recipes, then clever Meera formatted them so people like me(a bit kitchen challenged) could give it a go.  It's such a well thought out cookbook, keeping in mind not everyone is familiar with Indian spices but  making it easy and exciting!!! And the design of the book is just fabulous. I highly recommend getting yourself on Amazon or down to your local bookshop to get yourself a copy of Made in India. Indian food never tasted so good.  Check out Meera here, she is a true inspiration!!


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