Inspirational Monday: Palm Monday

Since yesterday was Palm Sunday, I decided to pay tribute and have Palm Monday today but taking it quite literal. Inspirational Monday is all about palms and there is a lot of it out there!!!! And since it's so cold in my part of the world, dreaming of palm trees is not such a bad idea!

1. Mini Rodini Palm Leggings
2. Ketiketa Palm Dress
3. Morley Beach Shirt
4. Mini Rodini Palm Shirt
5. Bambam Paradise Leggings
6. ESP no.1 Hiding Place Tee
7. Bobo Choses Dino Sweatshirt
8. Zef Palm Shirt
9. Diane Von Furstenburg Georgina Dress
10. Morley Beach Dress
11. Dolce & Gabbana Prited Silk Top
12. Nico Nico Palms Shirt
13. Our Legacy First Shirt

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