Inspirational Monday: Tutus

I absolutely love a tutu! I think they are so much fun. Pair a tutu with some hi-top converse, a rock n' roll tee and you've got the perfect outfit, well in my book at least. I'm in search for the perfect tutu for Edith. I have material to make her one but I'm not quite satisfied with my selection, so I thought I would get some inspiration. Here's to those adorable tutus!

1. Dagmar Daley Gold Jubilee Dress
2. Tutu du Monde Luminaire Tutu
3. Nununu Magic Black Dress
4. Noe & Zoe Pink Tutu
5. Louise Misha Scarlette Skirt
6. Frou Frou Pompadour Tutu
7. Dolly Petti Skirt

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