It's Time to Bundle Up!

Yep, it's Autumn and I love it! We've been so lucky the last couple of weeks here in London with sunny skies and pleasurable temperatures, but unfortunately this won't last forever. So now is the time to start looking for your Autumn coat! I'm pretty coat obsessed and can't ever convince myself that one coat is enough for the season. I end up buying several because well, coats are just cool and there are too many amazing ones to choose from. This season I've bought myself a black oversized Zara coat, the Komodo Manchu coat, Carin Wester Feather Bomber (on sale), and I'm still wearing my amazing Long Blue Whistles coat from last season. But I'm also loving House of Sunny's Celina Coat.

mama coats

  1. Zara // 2. Plumo // 3. Zara // 4. Komodo // 5. COS // 6. Nanushka // 7. House of Sunny

For Edith, her papa and I had originally bought her the Bellerose Blue Leopard Jacket, but unfortunately Edith wasn't keen, which I find an absolute shame as it's an awesome jacket. So we ended up buying her a Zara jacket, which is quite cool! In my search for a jacket for Edith, I came across some beautiful coats for boys and girls. Here are my favourites below!

kids coats

  1. Zara // 2. Morely // 3. Zara // 4. Bellerose // 5. Stell McCartney // 6. C DE C // 7. Finger in the Nose // 8. Maan // 9. Zara // 10. Chloe  // 11. Little Marc Jacobs // 12. Marni

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