It's Zebra Time!

Gardner and the Gang has literally blown my socks off this season with their astonishing new prints. Just when I thought the prints couldn't get any better than those awesome hippos last season, Kristen does it again, grabbing our attention with cool zebras, weiner dogs and lightning blots. It's seriously the collection to be eyeing up this season.  Gardner and the Gang is designed by Kristen Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore. Each season she creates fun characters which tell a story through her clothing. Past seasons have included: Love Skull and Helmet the Flamingo, Urban and Conrad the Camel, Tobias the Loco Toucan and his gym junkie buddy Leo the Lion, Johhny the Punk and Patrick the Punk Rocker, Hilda the Hippie Hippo and Richie the Racoon and this season, we'll just have to wait and find out!!!!

The new Spring/Summer 2015 Collection sits store soon! Keep your eyes open! kelly xx

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