Itty Bitty Project

Have you ever been stuck on a gift idea? I'm pretty sure there have been tons of you.
What do you get a kid that that could have too many toys and you don't want it to be too expensive and you definitely want the little one to enjoy their gift and have a chance to get creative with it. Well, look no further cause I have just discovered the coolest brand! The Itty Bitty Project specialises in cool themed t-shirts for kids that they can do themselves. I so wish I would have thought of this.

The Itty Bitty Project started when a little gift was made for a very special birthday.With a few scraps of felt, a button, and a very tiny tee - a crafty idea was born. And it stayed there... A year and a half later: The Itty Bitty Project is growing and developing all kinds of fantastic ideas for kids. Get yours today!

What you get:

 Cool t-shirts to choose from:

Behind the scenes:

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