I had the pleasure of meeting Tamsin at A Most Curious Kids Fair on Sunday. Her stall was right next to mine. I couldn't stop looking at the selection of cool things she had for kids. To be honest, I wanted them for myself. 
iwishiwasa started when Tamsin's son asked her to start sewing him and his friends some costumes. From a very young age her son was into creating his own characters from  things he found around the house. Tamsin having a design background and working in the television and film industry was delighted to do this. And now it's turn into iwishiwasa... I love her feather headbands and her superhero kit with cuffs and a mask. So cool. I can't wait til Edith is big enough to sport these amazing costumes! Check out her awesome costumes for the little ones!

Some photos of her stall at A Most Curious Kids Fair:

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