kid edit: unisex clothing

1. Monty & Co Boiler Suit 2. Bobo Choses Jumper 3. Mini Dressing Felt Hat 4. Neopop Camp Coat 5. Veja Trainers 6. Hundred Pieces Tee 7. Bobo Choses Tank 8. Mini Rodini Dungarees 9. The Animal Observatory Tee 10. Atsuyo et Akiko Tee 11. Momo Ann Trench Coat 12. Choco-el Chic Trousers 13. Tiny Cottons Tee
Isn't it crazy that most of our lives have been divided by gender? Why is it that society has made us think that certain things are only for boys and certain things are only for girls? It's quite a strange concept, don't you think? Well, I am here today to tell you that here at girlstalktoboys we don't care about gender stereotypes. Now don't get me wrong, I love pink and my daughter loves to wear pink too, but she's not defined by it. She wears it because she thinks it's a pretty colour, not because that's what she thinks she needs to wear to be considered a girl. Edith loves black and grey and blue! We don't limit her to any colour or style. I say let the kids choose! 
This is what girlstalktoboys is all about, giving kids the power to choose how they want express themselves! 
Kids fashion is finally catching on to this concept and now offers a wonderful variety of unisex clothing. Here are some of our favourite pieces from other designers. Don't forget we have a lovely variety of unisex pieces in our own collection! 
Happy Shopping!
kelly x

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