Kids Room Ideas on a Budget

When it came to planning Edith's room, I went a bit crazy! I had a mood board and loads and loads of inspiration. My husband and I had an idea of what kind of cot we wanted and let me tell you, it wasn't cheap! We weren't sure we should spend loads of money on a bed as we figured a move out of the country wouldn't be far off and we didn't want to cart a bed around. So after thinking about it we decided to go for an Ikea bed and put our own personal touch to it. We figured the mattress was the most important element of the bed anyways, so we decided to spend more money on the mattress. We bought the Ikea Sundvik Cot in white for £90. I knew I didn't want a white cot, so I decided I would paint it. I was between grey and yellow, but as her walls were dark grey, I thought a contrasting colour would be perfect. So I set out to find the perfect yellow paint and voila this is what I got! If you can't find what your looking for just paint it!

Edith's room is an odd space and their wasn't much storage in the room. Yes there is a big wardrobe but it's filled with my clothes. We had some space let over and it wasn't very big, so I set out to find a tall and narrow cabinet. Luckily I found one through Ikea, Pax Wardrobe. I didn't like the look of it, so I decided to paint it. At our last flat I painted one wall with blackboard magnetic paint. I loved it! But as my husband had to sand down the wall in order for us to paint it back to white before we moved out, I thought it best to not do that again on a wall in our current flat. So I used this opportunity to paint the wardrobe with the magnetic blackboard paint. I used Rost-Oleum Magnetic Chalkboard Paint from Homebase. It's best to paint a couple of coats. The more layers the more magnetic it is. It's the perfect idea for kids as they can use it to draw on and for magnets. Because we live so far away from our families I decided to add velcro to the bottom of the wardrobe so I could stick pictures of our family for Edith to look at. She loves this as she can pull them off herself and stick them on. Hours of entertainment, well maybe not hours:) 

Lastily, I wanted a cute little table for Edith's room. She's to the age now where she wants her own table. So I started searching the internet for the perfect table. I wanted a vintage table, but we were on a budget and I was starting to find them a bit pricey. So I decided I would find a cheap table and paint the top of the table with chalkboard paint so Edith could draw on it. I settled on Ikea's Latt table for £17. Yep super cheap. Now it's not the greatest quality, but it will do for now. Again I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint, but not magnetic this time. 

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